18 November 2014

Fall Makeup- The Vampy lip trend

I look so happy in this shot.. :P 

A tired face with no makeup....

Primer- Laura Mercier- 'Radiance'
Foundation- Mac 'Studio Sculpt NC44'
Brows- Laura Mercier Holiday palette- 'Ground'
Blush- BH cosmetics- 'mauvey colour'
Lips- Collection 2000- 'Damson'
Finished with Mac's Fixed + Setting spray

Stiletto nails.. 

The Vampy Lip trend is terrifying to me, I like looking tanned and I'm not a fan of enhancing the size of my natural lips. The truth is a vamp lip highlights everything I am trying to hide! Corals & nudey pinks are definitely my go-to lip colour but I'm tired of playing safe. So I decided its time... to rock and pursue the dreaded 'Vamp Lip'. I used a lip liner from 'Collection 2000', I checked for you guys and its called 'Damson' not Cranberry. It was only £2.99 (correction its only £1.99) and it was obviously worth every penny. I have to say now that I am a changed women and my fears have gone with the wind.

I totally love this lip and it will be used throughout winter. A small recommendation would be to fake tan first because it does wash out your skin colour!

Have you faced your fears on a makeup trend recently?? Let me know I would love to hear your


A mad blurry moment

The finished look..

I am trying to conquer my fears and although its small to some a 'Vamp lip' was like a roller coaster ride that I refused to get on. Join me in conquering your makeup fears <3 

Thank you so much reading

Love Bea xxx


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