17 March 2015


Hi guys, So I am about 9 weeks away from my big day and my life has been a little all over the place. The emotions involved in a wedding go from excitement to stress in 0.1 seconds. Each weekend seems to be jam packed and I have some fun posts coming your way. I am hoping to film this week too, just to add a bit more pressure to my schedule lol! I recently bought these riding pants (you can get similar in American Apparel). I wanted to share this ensemble with you on how to dress down Riding Pants. You can make a notoriously sexy pant daytime wearable. Get the most out of your money lol! I hope you like how I threw it together :)

I am still growing my hair- my go to product is 'Miracle Body Oil' 
Yes I know a body oil! It's multi purpose and it so good for your hair.
100% Natural, Argan, Coconut and Jojoba Oil. My hair has grown around 3.5 inches 
in 4 months! You can buy it here Miraclebump

Nike Roshe's- I love them, super comfortable and they always look fab!

This picture makes me think I have more than 32 teeth lol!!

My Favourite Lip Liner of Life!- Mac Soar 

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