13 April 2015


Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had an amazing weekend :) I was out and about all weekend and I need another weekend to recover. I went to my best friend Eve's baby shower on Sunday and this is the face I wore to her special day.

I dress my face as I would wear my clothes. By that I mean I try to wear appropriate makeup for the event I am attending. So soft and subtle makeup would be my go to look for a baby shower or wedding for example. I wouldn't wear a black smokey eye because I don't feel its appropriate for a girly daytime event. Remember pictures taken at these type of celebrations haunt you for life. So I would stay away from 'current makeup' trends as they may not be so 'current' in 5 years time lol!

These are phone pics... so excuse the quality on this post guys xx

Face beat by me...

Primer- Natio Illuminating Primer
Foundation- Georgio Armani Luminous Silk No.9
Concealer- Mac Prolong wear NC35
Brows- Benefit Browzings Dark
Waterline- Rimmel Nude eyeliner
Eyeliner- NYC Liquid Liner
Lashes- Ardell Demi Wispies
Bronzer- Mac Mineralize skin finish in Dark
Highlight- MUA Undress me 
Lips- Gerard Cosmetics Butter Cup & Shimmer of Hope Gloss
Perfume- Paul Smith Rose

Thank you so much for reading xx


8 April 2015


Hi Guys, I hope you are all smiling and well ;) BREAKING NEWS... I have been buying again.... shock not!
Well the truth is some of the products I am going to share with you are really 'old'. Well 'old' in the 'Makeup world', they are products I have wanted to try but refused to buy. You know those products when you just can't justify spending that much on a smidgin piece of makeup. Even though you know it will change your life forever lol! That might be a slight exaggeration but you know its going to improve your makeup but you just keep putting off the purchase. I couldn't put it off much longer so here we go,


This bad boy has been raged about for a long while.. I have bought 'faux beauty blenders'. To be polite they were shoddy, it was like trying to blend your makeup with a brick. However the genuine Beauty Blender is amazing. Totally worth the £16 I originally refused to pay. When its damp I love the way it expands so it covers a bigger surface area when blending. This handy guy really helps with preventing concealer creasing because the pointy end gets all up in that region and smooths a sister out. Its a must- its A WEDDING MUST! So if you are doing DIY'ing your wedding makeup buy it gurl...

A Kim Kardashian favourite

I have wanted this forever, I mean since the 1st season of the Kardashians when Kim walked around with patches of yellow powder on her face. First off it was hard to locate in London, then there were lots of fakes about. I then took to ignoring that I wanted it and now its my wedding I know I have to set my concealer. So I went for the best brightening powder which is this. It does work, I do like it I am glad I waited for this type of event in my life because you can live without it. It's great but if you are just getting into makeup skip this one because there are cheaper alternatives.

My no.1 Lashes of Life- ARDELL | DEMI WISPIES

There isn't much to say other than, if you not wearing fake lashes on a night out or for an event. You might aswell just wear bed head and no makeup. Fake lashes make you look awake and fab in every way. These are my most favourite because they look so natural, they are cheap and are super easy to apply. Lightweight and re-useable  buy.. buy.. buy


You can buy any shade that will suit your skin tone. These are two that I picked up for the wedding because I am going for a peachy, glowy look. Highly pigmented very pretty, very expensive but amazing none the less. 


I still have two spaces in this palette... Any suggestions???


Some little trinkets that my mum bought for me.. they are currently holding my wedding nail polish options. I love these little bags they are just soo cute!


My latest everyday fragrance, I love the smell of roses like the smell of hot Krispy Kremes.
This fragrance is a love or hate item, might be a bit flowery for some but I love Marmite and I love this!

Have you been shopping undercover lately? Let me know girls,
I know I'm not alone on this lol!

Thanks so much for reading

Love & Doughnuts
 Bea xxxx

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