1 May 2015


Hey guys, I hope you are all well and missing me lol?! Lets get one thing straight, I am missing you all so much. I have been so pre-occupied with my wedding its been hard to find time for anything recently.

Whilst I'm still waiting for the final edits of my Bridal Shower pics. I thought I would share this little bad boy with you... MYIDOL App. My best friend Sophie introduced this app to me and the addiction has been REAL ever since. You basically create an avatar of yourself from taking a picture or using an existing #selfie. Once you have aligned your face, or in my case 'my contoured nose lol' you then wait to meet your avatar. My best bit is, you play dress up and pick your outfit, hair & shoes. I mean whats not to love about that!

White vest, Ripped Jeans & Caged Heels... me thinks yes!!!!!

Once your avatar's outfit is on point, you can then get your avatar to do most things you could only dream of doing. For example Working the Pole, (hahaha), driving a motorcycle, modelling & singing. Basically your avatar is who you always wanted to be. I literally felt like I had my own Kardashian game, download this app guys! Its a serious must!!

You can have hours of fun, we made avatars of all my kids which was kinda scary because I could see what they might look like in 10 years time. This works for men & women also the App is FREE! The one drawback is, it's in chinese so it takes a while to work out the navigation side of things. However you would be surprised how quickly you can pick up a bit of Chinese as the options do become common sense.

What do you guys think of my Avatar?? I personally think she is spot on lol!
Boremepretty eat your heart out,

Thanks for reading guys xxx


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