21 May 2015


Hey my loves, so the finale to my bridal shower blog series... Girly Adventures at the Shard! After an amazing day filled with fun, family & friends, my Head BM took me to the Shard for cocktails. I have always wanted to go the Shard, the building itself is mind blowing.

You can actually smell the wealth in the air... Most of the cars parked outside are fit for a Sheikh in Dubai. Besides all the fancies the Shard is a huge landmark in London (literally) being the tallest building in Europe. As a Londoner I don't always see the touristy side so this was the perfect opportunity.

We went to a bar on the 52nd Floor called Gong.. I knew this building was high. However I didn't realise my ears would pop in the lift, it was like being in aircraft. Beautiful lift none the less but the speed of it WOW!

I recommend going to the Shard at some stage in your life its an experience you wouldn't want to miss. Plus the cocktails & mocktails are out of this world!

Anything with Elderflower usually ticks my boxes... so they made me something specially for me as they didn't have a standard Elderflower cocktail. The service at Gong was fantastic!

Day to Night girl... yassss we partied hard :)

So out of sheer luck, there was hardly anyone there. We had a penthouse bar with a swimming pool to ourselves... I still can't get over this night!

This bartender tho... I forgot his name! He was soo sweet we had to take a #selfie!

With compliments from Gong because it was my bridal shower... Everyone made me feel so special!

Again I just want to thank my bridal party and all my family and friends for making my wedding  the best experience I could possibly ask for. Most of all I want to thank my husband to be because without him none of this would be happening <3

A special thank you to my photographer the day Gabrielle Cooper, who captured every special moment.

Love and Mocktails guys...xx

Thanks for reading



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  2. What a magnificent way to celebrate your bridal shower! And the pictures also came out great. Hope you had a wonderful wedding as well. I had also attended my best friend’s bridal shower some days ago and it was a lovely event. Will be eagerly waiting for her wedding next month at one of the famous Seattle Wedding venues.


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