26 July 2015


Hi Guys, sorry for the delay between posts! There will be some big changes happening on the blog soon. So I have been working a lot behind the scenes. Lets get right to it, over the knee boots are making a comeback but with laces! Loving this trend right now, although I must say they can be quite hard to style. They are so sexy I felt a bit self conscious wearing them. So beware if you make a purchase of these you will feel like a PussyCatDoll. If your not ready for that your not ready for these! Not to put you off or anything but I don't want anyone wasting money. Here is how I styled them, please leave a comment if you like my choices...

Dress Shirt & Boots |  Prettylittlething.com

Rings | Set from Primark only £2

Nails | Barry M in Coconut

Rimmel Lipliner - Chocolate 

The ultimate stack.. 

I really hope you like what I threw together, I definitely recommend something loose fitted with these type of boots!

Thanks for reading beauts 

Sending love & snuggles 



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  5. They look like logging boots -- chunky unisex (if that's still a thing). They still fit and I still wear them sometimes. you can try this out


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