25 August 2015


Hi guys, 

This is my first blog post and I’m excited to share my most recent trip with you.

August 12th 2015, 8pm, I walked out the transatlantic British Airways flight after 12 years being separated from a city I once called home, Kingston Jamaica. This was where I was born and where I lived until the age of 6/7. At first I felt like I always do after a long haul flight, disorientated, red eyed and exhausted. Where I was and what I was here for in no means had sunk in yet. It wasn’t until my dad managed to sort our rental car and attempt to drive us to our apartment, then in the moment we got lost I questioned “am I a tourist or am I coming home?” 

The reason for our visit was to attend the wedding of my first cousin Steven whose family had also migrated from Jamaica to Canada, almost 10 years after my mum, dad, two sisters and I had packed and left for the cold of London. My mother is Jamaican, my father British. My identity I have always felt over the years, unknown. Coming back to Jamaica, eating the foods I used to love and driving past places I used to live and go to school has left me with a deep feeling of nostalgia but that in no means overshadowed the reason we were here. We were not here for ourselves but to be with our family and share in the uniting of Steven and Bobbi-Ann as Mr and Mrs.

The wedding was more beautiful than I can find the words to describe. It was an outdoor wedding with the ceremony closed off and set between the walls of half broken brick, something you would expect to see in ancient Rome. The enchanting setting posed beautiful bold chandeliers and lanterns hanging from the branches of the overhanging trees, delicate petals scattered the alter and tasteful touches of the wedding colour yellow filled the venue. I was blown away by the decor and could only imagine the amount of time and attention to detail this would have taken to achieve. 

My choice of outfit was a red pleated midi dress with a cross strap back. I wanted to wear something that was appropriate for the weather, as it was over 30 degrees I wanted to feel comfortable in nothing too restricting. The colour being the statement I chose to keep all accessories simple, nude heels and the embellished earrings and bracelets I was given as I bridesmaid present from Sebrina’s wedding. I had planned to wear my hair down but the humidity just did not allow me to, so instead I decided to wear a head chain to give something different to my usual boring bun!

Thanks for reading!

Love Sophie XO

Outfit Credits:

Dress: Lavish Alice
Heels: Aldo
Earrings and bracelets: Crystal & Co Dublin
Head chain: Asos

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  1. The decor at this place is absolutely beautiful. In terms of decor, these wedding venues are definitely a big step above a typical wedding venue. It's spacious, breathable, and absolutely glowing. They can bring in an open bar as well into this place.


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