7 August 2015


Hey beauts, there is going to be an announcement up on the blog real soon. I'm super excited about it but have to keep quiet until everything is in place lol-THIS IS NOT EASY.

So lately my current obsession has been shellac nails. Now I know Shellac nails have been out forever, but I was always privy to lumpy bumpy shellac. I thought it looked thick and bubbly and was not at all impressed. However things seemed to have improved since those days and I have given it another go. I am more than pleased I did because my nails have been looking gorgeous lately (if I do say so myself)!

My nails are not long or strong but they seem to be working for me. I love the 'manicured look', don't get me wrong I am a fan of fake nails but i'm just over them at the minute! I'm not even going to bother talking about natural nails and polish as they chip the minute they are dry!

I went for Stark white nails as they always look lovely in the summer so I am rocking All White Stubbs hunni!

FYI: they last 3 weeks, approx £18-£20 & they make you look so polished (pardon the pun) they are a must!

Minimal drying time and look super natural Shellac is an obvious MUST this summer!

Thanks for reading beauts

Sending love & Marshmallows

Sub me (wink wink)


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