6 October 2015


Hi guys & girls, hope you are all well? Today is a different type of post because I want to be more helpful if that makes sense... I am not Anthony Robins or Rhonda Byrne but I am a firm believer in power of positive thinking. Sadly I usually dip in and out of staying positive because life seems to always get in the way.

However I have been making some conscious efforts to stay on track with my positive thinking. That's not to say that I don't fall off track now and then which I admittedly do. But I thought I would share some of the small changes I have made to my daily life in hope of achieving my dreams sooner rather than later.

Stop worrying,

This seems obvious and easier said than done but you would be surprised how if you just take a second to calm down and think rationally. Try to focus on solving the problem rather than just worrying about the problem you will see a huge difference in the outcome. We can worry but it won't change anything so what is the point?


If your in a situation that is not ideal right now for example a 'dead end job'. Keep your belief that you will get your dream job. Just simply keep the belief there is more out there for you and don't settle. When you truly believe something it does become true...

Set goals

Write down your dreams and set some goals and time frames. Setting goals allows you to measure your progress and keeps you focused and on track. (I need to update mine as most of previous goals I have gratefully achieved)


Take action on your goals and desires. For example if you want to change your career start looking into short courses or if you want to decorate your home start a mood board of themes and ideas.

Let it go..

Everything happens for a reason that we may not understand just yet. Sometimes I struggle to accept this because things can happen that just seem so unfair. That is when belief kicks in to remind you there is more out there for you and not to worry about things you can't change.

I really hope this has helped someone out there,
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Lots of Love as always

Sebrina xxx

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