1 November 2015


Hi Guys!
Hope you all had an amazing halloween and enjoyed dressing up in costumes! This was the first year I decided to get into the spirit and actually dress up and enjoy it. It took me a while to make up my mind about who I wanted to be, I eventually came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to be scary haha isn't that the point of halloween? I chose instead to fulfil my childhood dream of being a disney princess, and that was Pocahontas! I thought that being a dead, bloody or spooky Pocahontas would take away from the costume, but if you wanted to add this touch it would be an interesting twist. Once my mind was made up I set out to find all things Pocahontas inspired, and managed to find an exact copy of her one shouldered fringe dress.

After finding the dress I realised Pocahontas wouldn't be the same without her beautiful long locks so I found a long black straight wig. I decided to add an headband just to secure the wig on the night and  to add some extra accessories. Pocahontas also has a tattoo band across he arm, so I replicated this using metallic tattoos. For the footwear I chose a neutral colour to compliment the palette of the outfit. I've learnt a lot of make up tips from Sebrina so I attempted this on my own! Again I stuck with the earthy tones, golds and browns and added the turquoise under the eyes to bring these out. The best thing about being Pocahontas is that is doesn't need to be only halloween to dress up as her, this can be used for any other fancy dress occasions. Looking forward to seeing you all as Disney princesses soon!

Thanks for reading! 

Love Sophie XO

Outfit Credits:

Dress: Fancy Pants costumes eBay
Wig: eBay
Metallic Tattoos: Asos 
Headband: Clare's Accessories 
Earrings: River Island
Heels: Office 


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  1. Hey. I really loved your costume. Can you tell me the size of the dress you bought?
    Thank you so much


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