3 November 2015


Hi guys, hope you are all well and keeping warm. The winter months are sadly here and besides the dark mornings and early evenings. We also have to combat dry skin and chapped lips :( You maybe one of the lucky who keeps silky smooth skin all year round. I unfortunately fall straight into dry and patchy skin category which is such a nuisance especially when applying makeup.

Half way through the day my makeup seems to sit right in my dry patches and highlight the problem area even more. I do feel slight pressure when going out that my makeup has to be looking flawless because I am a professional, and spend most my time giving out makeup advice.

Suffering with dry patches is embarrassing and something which can be hard to control. I have taken some extra steps in my skincare regime to help prevent the patches on my face.

I have listed some of the products I use which you may already have.

Once a week I use a mask and exfoliate my lips to prevent chapping,

 Mask of Magniminty - Lush cosmetics £9.99 for the large tub

Popcorn Lip Scrub- Lush Cosmetics £4.99

Daily I use

Cleanser by Gatineau QVC Beauty approx £20

Toner by Gatineau QVC Beauty approx £20

Final step,

Dramatically Different by Clinique approx £25

I have to admit i'm not overly bothered about the brand. I just use products based on what works for me. I love the mask by Lush its great value for money and leaves your skin silky smooth. I don't love the lip scrub because I feel like it falls off everywhere and can get messy. I am trying to use it up before buying another one. The Gatineau products are amazing the toner really helps reduce my spots strangely enough. Dramatically different by Clinique is super moisturising I have to use this and its worth the money.

Other things I try to do in the winter is use less powder and more cream products. Liquid foundations (as always) but not Matte ones! Cream blushes & highlighters lipsticks with lipgloss on top to help with chapping.

I really hope this post has helped you guys, this post is not sponsored and all the products I have recommended are just my personal favourites. 

Sending love and the Jlo Glow to everyone


Sebrina Bea xx


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