22 August 2016


Morning guys! Hmm lets guess what this post is going to be about lol!

It's 7am on a Monday morning and I am still recovering emotionally and physically from the most beautiful SURPRISE BABY SHOWER that I had last night. As previously said I am having a great pregnancy. I do moan and groan a bit and I definitely forget everything and I constantly send my husband to buy ice. However I would still consider this my kindest pregnancy I'm hoping the labor will follow suit ;). The last couple months have been crazy with going on 2 abroad trips, planning my mum's Surprise 60th birthday along with the loss of my dad. I love a baby shower but my energy is super low and the thought of planning another shindig was off the cards totally. The truth was I couldn't be asked and I as long as I had ice I could cope with that thought. 

My husband and best friends thought otherwise and planned the most beautiful, intimate surprise baby shower any woman could ask for. Also I must add that this was a shower designed by the Winfields and I don't know if you remember back to my 'Winfield Wedding' post. Jenna Winfield designed an award winning wedding which featured in the National Wedding Magazine TWICE because it was so beautiful. All my friend's pulled together to make this perfect not forgetting that my Eve supplied about 10 life size Selfie pictures of me. Which was stuck all over the wall along with a beautiful banner. When walking into the room I realised how vein I really am... lol Again thank you to all my beautiful friends who were there and couldn't be there We love you all.....

The most beautiful Gluten Free cake ever!!!! Thanks Jen & Dave

I have the best friends and family in the world and I am so grateful! I really hope you enjoyed this post! We are off to Colchester to visit our friends so I have to go lol!! Don't forget to re-live the Winfield wedding click here - literally the most stunning wedding.

Lots of love Sebrina xx

9 August 2016


So I guess I have some explaining to do... I never officially announced my pregnancy of baby no.4. I am so sorry guys but as you could imagine with everything going on and already having 3 babies my life has been fairly pre-occupied. I am having a fantastic pregnancy and have felt completely normal for the most part. I have been busy with my makeup business www.sebrinamua.com where you can now hire me as your makeup artist. This has taken a lot of my time however its not an excuse as I need to learn to juggle my life better. I am currently 8 months pregnant and whilst on maternity leave I plan to be more frequent with my posting. Even though I know I will be feeling low whilst my body returns to normal. I hope to take you on that journey with me... For now I will keep you updated with the last weeks of my pregnancy as the countdown begins for my beautiful baby boy. 

Love you all so much and wishing you a huge bowl of cherries my current craving... yummm

Seb xx

27 February 2016


Hi Guys!
I'm sure you've all felt it like me a sudden drop in the temperature! I've always found winter dressing harder than summer, as I never seem to have enough layers of clothing on. Not just in an obvious sense but enough layers that I actually enjoy wearing not only for practical reasons. I always underestimate how cold it is and can be easily deceived waking up to a bright blue sky. What I do enjoy though is coats! Coats are of course exclusive to winter and because I know I can only wear them this time of year I always find myself on the hunt for my favourite cold weather essential. The more the merrier! So far, my live in, is this tan and cream River Island shearling coat, perfect for me as it is warm so less layers are needed. My colour palette always tends to lean towards the warm neutrals, tans and browns. 

To show off the coat I kept my base colours white rather than black to give it more of a chance to stand out. My signature crop top (I wear in all seasons) and ripped white jeans. My new favourite accessory is leather/ suede caps. This has been a huge trend this year and one that just seems to get bigger and involving with new colours and textures. 

Thanks for reading!

Sophie XO

Outfit credits:

Hat: Asos
Coat: River Island
Top: Asos
Jeans: Asos
Boots: Timberland 


13 February 2016


Hi Guys!
Happy Valentine's weekend!
I always find valentine's day a rather strange "holiday" if you even call it that? Why must we need one day of the year to let the people around us know that we love them! None the less I think it allows us to enjoy the company of those closest to us. Some see it as a time to splash out and spoil their loved ones, for me I like to celebrate and reflect on some of my amazing friendships. I am a real believer that soul mates truly can be found in your friends so I'm sending my love to all those I hold closely in my heart. 

I wanted to do a post inspired by valentine's day. The first things that came into my mind were roses, hearts, love (similar to the majority) all with the colour palette red! Is that a cliche to wear red on this day? I couldn't resist by choosing a blush/ nude/ pink colour way, cliche or not I thought this endearing for the occasion. I decided to go with a simple midi dress with a harness detail. This is becoming one of the most popular features on the high street most seen on bralets, crop tops and dresses. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend with your loved ones!

Sophie XO

Outfit Credits:

Dress: Rare London
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 
Anklets: Asos
Bracelet: Michael Kors


4 February 2016


Hi Guys, I hope you have all been really well! So this is my first outfit post in a long while yaaay!! By no means am I a fashion expert but I like what I like and I wear what I like. I do follow fashion trends to an extent but my mood usually dictates my daily outfits...

It was my husband's birthday last weekend so we went Bowling (I sucked) and we had dins at Gokyuzu (amazing). This was a mini celebration with our closest friends. Spending time with our friends is always so special, we are truly blessed with genuine and kind friends. The event was a casual yet sassy.......so this is what I wore.

Enjoys babes....

Black Jeans | Asos.com Black Top | H & M  Shoes | Simmishoes.com

Thank you so much for reading guys...

Love you like Black coffee on a Monday morning

Mwah xxxx


13 January 2016


Hi Guys, hoping you are all well and settling into 2016 nicely ;) My latest obsession is a Red Lip and I made an expensive purchase during the Christmas holiday. Whilst in Harrods I came across the Christian Louboutin lipsticks.  All I could say was WOW I was  literally lost for words when I saw them. As you know I am a certified Makeup Artist/ makeup obsessive. Visiting this concession was more than a dangerous place for me. 

Firstly the packaging was out of this world, the lipstick is like a bullet shaped medallion with a ribbon so you can wear it as a necklace. The weight of this lippy is like holding gold, no expense spared on this bad boy. The golden bullet is then laid into a beautifully cushioned jewellery box, which slots into a larger gift box big enough to fit a pair of Pigalle's 110mm!

The colour selection is suprisingly varied with 38 in the collection. All were completely on trend with 3 finishes to choose from- Silky satin, a highly pigmented velvet matt and a gauzy sheer voile -  from the signature Rouge Louboutin through Diva, Miss Loubi and Very PrivĂ© that all take their inspiration from the brand’s shoes and handbags.

Sadly all the Louboutin Signature Rouge's were out of stock but I couldn't go home without one. My hunt began with the gorgeous Harrods sales assistant attending to my every need. I set my eyes on Torerra a silky satin. A bright yet deep silky red, the formula for this lipstick is the creamiest formula I have ever felt. So smooth easy to apply, the pigmentation is so strong you barely have to put any on. The staying power is ridiculous, I have worn this lipstick for 8 hours without needing to reapply. At £60 each I unfortunately think its worth every penny. Every girl needs at least one in their life time. I love Mac lipsticks and you can't faulty them but since owning a Louboutin lipstick I no longer hold Mac lipsticks on a pedestal. 

Sending love & Full lips to everybody 
Mwah xx

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