13 January 2016


Hi Guys, hoping you are all well and settling into 2016 nicely ;) My latest obsession is a Red Lip and I made an expensive purchase during the Christmas holiday. Whilst in Harrods I came across the Christian Louboutin lipsticks.  All I could say was WOW I was  literally lost for words when I saw them. As you know I am a certified Makeup Artist/ makeup obsessive. Visiting this concession was more than a dangerous place for me. 

Firstly the packaging was out of this world, the lipstick is like a bullet shaped medallion with a ribbon so you can wear it as a necklace. The weight of this lippy is like holding gold, no expense spared on this bad boy. The golden bullet is then laid into a beautifully cushioned jewellery box, which slots into a larger gift box big enough to fit a pair of Pigalle's 110mm!

The colour selection is suprisingly varied with 38 in the collection. All were completely on trend with 3 finishes to choose from- Silky satin, a highly pigmented velvet matt and a gauzy sheer voile -  from the signature Rouge Louboutin through Diva, Miss Loubi and Very PrivĂ© that all take their inspiration from the brand’s shoes and handbags.

Sadly all the Louboutin Signature Rouge's were out of stock but I couldn't go home without one. My hunt began with the gorgeous Harrods sales assistant attending to my every need. I set my eyes on Torerra a silky satin. A bright yet deep silky red, the formula for this lipstick is the creamiest formula I have ever felt. So smooth easy to apply, the pigmentation is so strong you barely have to put any on. The staying power is ridiculous, I have worn this lipstick for 8 hours without needing to reapply. At £60 each I unfortunately think its worth every penny. Every girl needs at least one in their life time. I love Mac lipsticks and you can't faulty them but since owning a Louboutin lipstick I no longer hold Mac lipsticks on a pedestal. 

Sending love & Full lips to everybody 
Mwah xx


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