13 February 2016


Hi Guys!
Happy Valentine's weekend!
I always find valentine's day a rather strange "holiday" if you even call it that? Why must we need one day of the year to let the people around us know that we love them! None the less I think it allows us to enjoy the company of those closest to us. Some see it as a time to splash out and spoil their loved ones, for me I like to celebrate and reflect on some of my amazing friendships. I am a real believer that soul mates truly can be found in your friends so I'm sending my love to all those I hold closely in my heart. 

I wanted to do a post inspired by valentine's day. The first things that came into my mind were roses, hearts, love (similar to the majority) all with the colour palette red! Is that a cliche to wear red on this day? I couldn't resist by choosing a blush/ nude/ pink colour way, cliche or not I thought this endearing for the occasion. I decided to go with a simple midi dress with a harness detail. This is becoming one of the most popular features on the high street most seen on bralets, crop tops and dresses. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend with your loved ones!

Sophie XO

Outfit Credits:

Dress: Rare London
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 
Anklets: Asos
Bracelet: Michael Kors



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