22 August 2016


Morning guys! Hmm lets guess what this post is going to be about lol!

It's 7am on a Monday morning and I am still recovering emotionally and physically from the most beautiful SURPRISE BABY SHOWER that I had last night. As previously said I am having a great pregnancy. I do moan and groan a bit and I definitely forget everything and I constantly send my husband to buy ice. However I would still consider this my kindest pregnancy I'm hoping the labor will follow suit ;). The last couple months have been crazy with going on 2 abroad trips, planning my mum's Surprise 60th birthday along with the loss of my dad. I love a baby shower but my energy is super low and the thought of planning another shindig was off the cards totally. The truth was I couldn't be asked and I as long as I had ice I could cope with that thought. 

My husband and best friends thought otherwise and planned the most beautiful, intimate surprise baby shower any woman could ask for. Also I must add that this was a shower designed by the Winfields and I don't know if you remember back to my 'Winfield Wedding' post. Jenna Winfield designed an award winning wedding which featured in the National Wedding Magazine TWICE because it was so beautiful. All my friend's pulled together to make this perfect not forgetting that my Eve supplied about 10 life size Selfie pictures of me. Which was stuck all over the wall along with a beautiful banner. When walking into the room I realised how vein I really am... lol Again thank you to all my beautiful friends who were there and couldn't be there We love you all.....

The most beautiful Gluten Free cake ever!!!! Thanks Jen & Dave

I have the best friends and family in the world and I am so grateful! I really hope you enjoyed this post! We are off to Colchester to visit our friends so I have to go lol!! Don't forget to re-live the Winfield wedding click here - literally the most stunning wedding.

Lots of love Sebrina xx

9 August 2016


So I guess I have some explaining to do... I never officially announced my pregnancy of baby no.4. I am so sorry guys but as you could imagine with everything going on and already having 3 babies my life has been fairly pre-occupied. I am having a fantastic pregnancy and have felt completely normal for the most part. I have been busy with my makeup business www.sebrinamua.com where you can now hire me as your makeup artist. This has taken a lot of my time however its not an excuse as I need to learn to juggle my life better. I am currently 8 months pregnant and whilst on maternity leave I plan to be more frequent with my posting. Even though I know I will be feeling low whilst my body returns to normal. I hope to take you on that journey with me... For now I will keep you updated with the last weeks of my pregnancy as the countdown begins for my beautiful baby boy. 

Love you all so much and wishing you a huge bowl of cherries my current craving... yummm

Seb xx
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