9 August 2016


So I guess I have some explaining to do... I never officially announced my pregnancy of baby no.4. I am so sorry guys but as you could imagine with everything going on and already having 3 babies my life has been fairly pre-occupied. I am having a fantastic pregnancy and have felt completely normal for the most part. I have been busy with my makeup business www.sebrinamua.com where you can now hire me as your makeup artist. This has taken a lot of my time however its not an excuse as I need to learn to juggle my life better. I am currently 8 months pregnant and whilst on maternity leave I plan to be more frequent with my posting. Even though I know I will be feeling low whilst my body returns to normal. I hope to take you on that journey with me... For now I will keep you updated with the last weeks of my pregnancy as the countdown begins for my beautiful baby boy. 

Love you all so much and wishing you a huge bowl of cherries my current craving... yummm

Seb xx


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